UAF Makerspace

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The UAF Makerspace welcomes all UA students, staff, and faculty with an interest in Making. We are a group with diverse interests with a shared passion for the joy of creating and making a positive impact in our communities. 

There are student Lab Techs in the space during all open hours who can teach you how to use a new tool, collaborate on an idea, or share a project. Check out our hours and come in- you can find us at Duckering 345!

How it works

Knowledge: You do not need prior experience using any of the equipment in the UAF Makerspace to come in. A Lab Tech can teach you how to use any equipment in the space. 

Projects: You can work on your project in the UAF Makerspace and even store your project in one of our Project Storage drawers (if there is availability). 

Equipment: All equipment is free to use!* Talk to a Lab Tech prior to using the equipment. A Lab Tech with guide you through equipment use and safety protocols. When using our equipment, you will have to fill out a Use Form on what you did on that piece of equipment. 

*If you want to use specialized materials (i.e. Carbon Fiber, Hardwoods, etc.), you will have to bring in your own materials.

Spring 2024 Mini-grant Applications Are Now Closed 

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Hours and Events

Remember to fill out a Use Form!

Do you or a friend have a cool project idea? Apply for a mini-grant to fund it!